When We Were Kings

by The Skarsoles

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released August 22, 2013

Jimson - Vocals
Dez Fae the Internet - Guitar
Chorr - Bass + Backing vocals
Kenjamin - Drums + Backing vocals
Silent G - Keys & Trumpet
Vilhelm - Trombone

Produced by Iain MacDuff & The Skarsoles
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Iain MacDuff at the Bottling Plant



all rights reserved


The Skarsoles Glasgow, UK

We've been playing gigs and getting people to dance all over Scotland & a few places on the continent since we formed in 1999. Our learning curve of self recordings is here for your listening/skanking pleasure.


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Track Name: 4 More Shots
Four More Shots
Blue, white and Black was the colour of their ties
In a town on the Clyde, a thousand miles from paradise
Folks are down on their luck, forgotten so it seems
In the dark of the night very few can hear you scream
As Bernie says, when will my country be free once more
The answer is when, everybody knows the score

Many made the choice to move to bigger towns
Maybe meet the special girl or even settle down
Get your ink done, the definition of rock
And crafted your curls into a crackin Mohawk
And in the pub I said the only thing that counts is happiness
Its hard to tell that to someone whos stressed

She took a trip to another place, but she’ll never reach the end
So long my friend
I still think we’re sitting in the pub, drinkin way back then
One more jar, talking shegite at the bar
Doubled over laughing, girl that chat will get you far
The people of The Port we’re all happy to know her
Four more shots and a couple of Coronas.

Blue, white and black was the colour of their eyes
On a town on the Clyde, a thousand miles from paradise
Gathered as far as the eye could see,
People were standing, sharing happy memories
It wasn’t fair, theres nothing in life is fair it seems
Surely this must only be a dream

It’s a vicious wee place, we’re often pished oot wur face
Wi some of the finest people ive had the pleasure to disgrace
Taste Jack D, better than smack for me, grab a flask of tea
And add the golden cask whiskey
Pour some out for my friends, The Skarsoles never follow trends
Scottish blend, over make the ladies bend, we intend
To fend, for ourselves, diy disks on the shelf
Busy onstage like Santa’s elves
Track Name: Skaramanga
Francisco Skaramanga, they sometimes called him Paco
Hes a Catalan, and a circus man, the king of the trickshot show.
One day, he killed a policeman, when he was only 16
in America, joined The Spangled Mob, as creator of crimescenes.

Paco, Skaramanga, fought a gun duel with Detroit gangs
But he had to leave the USA cos they wanted to see him hang
Hes the best shot in the world and trained by the KGB
He done work for Batista, when he was Castro’s secretly.

Hes the man with the golden gun, the greatest shot in the land
He tried to murder James Bond but he died at Jamesy’s hands

Francisco Skaramanga, on an island in the sun
With his midget sidekick Nicknack, Paco thought the game was won
Theres no room for errors, this assasins got such skill
When you cross the man with the golden gun you best go for the kill.
Track Name: When We Were Kings
When we were kings
Up the steps to the 123
It don’t matter mate, if you don’t have a kerryoot
We got Corona, Dez is on the phone a, Think He’s
Have a seat, have a shot
Play a drinkin game with Scott
The more money we had, the more drink we bought
Main slot, had a reputation like the big top
The stereo was crap but the playlist was shit hot.

A million jakies hit the deck, or hit the cupboard for some sex
Expect the unimaginable, and drink the jack by bucketful
The good times last past sun comes up, The 123 says screw yer club
It was a classy place to be, we wont forget the 123

We ruled the world. we had it all
When we were kings just playing angry paul
Limits were pushed, pizzas were phoned
Legends produced, in cupboards folk were boned
Bad times revoked, the war was won
Alcohol soaked we watched the rising sun
Sobriety, we had it beat
Another swig inflicted the defeat.

If you see Scott Nicol, tell him we love him.

Walking back to the 123
Jiskes pretty wrecked, guess who had to carry her?
We went to ricos, a drunken mental freakshow
Like Danny Devito, shoutin DRINK IS EVIL
Heave ho, even flow- jeager bombs ill have a go
Fallin down the stairs and fuckin break yer big toe
Flips clothes, munchin shit resembling a chip roll
Grip hoes, kickin it with Rizoos who would rip souls
Track Name: Dead Beat World
Deadbeat World

Deadbeat girl you gotta whole lot of nothing goin’ on inside your skull
Deadbeat boy he’s thinkin’ somethin’ but what it is he ain't ever goin’ to know
Deadbeat girl she’s feelin’ horny hoping to give her man a treat
Deadbeat boy he's feeling lucky his boxer shorts are down around his feet

We're living in a deadbeat world
The lies we meet they seem absurd
We're hoping it will change but we don’t know who to blame
We're living in a deadbeat world

Deadbeat boy you're lost in a world where you don’t deny
coz you know it is true
Deadbeat boy you hope for the best but you don’t worry
about it if it isn't getting you
Deadbeat girl she gets drunk again and she talks trash all over the town
Deadbeat boy doesn't know any better he's sitting in a room with his friends acting the clown